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In addition to producing my own stories, I help other journalists obtain records and conduct research across the South. This work has helped strengthen national investigations, while allowing reporters to focus on their stories without making additional trips or incurring higher costs.

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Researching for sensitive stories 

I helped Chicago-based journalist Jim DeRogatis track down police and property records for his bombshell R. Kelly investigation published with Buzzfeed News in 2017. When he needed to shore up facts with the Georgia-based Savage family, I re-interviewed the family, going over sensitive details about their story.

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Pulling records for a domestic violence investigation

In the course of reporting about the NFL's domestic violence punishment problem, Bleacher Report's Mary Pilon needed to corroborate details about an incident involving Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ra'Shede Hageman. I obtained police records that outlined what led to several charges including battery family violence and cruelty to children.

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Stringing for national media outlets 

When stories happen in the South, and media outlets need someone on the ground to feed information, I can be there in person to capture timely and accurate information. Recently for the New York Times, I drove out to Augusta to document a plea hearing for Reality Winner, the first person prosecuted by the Trump administration for leaking classified information. I was able to feed the basic details, allowing the paper to get a story up online fast, and filed additional words to help flesh out the breaking news story.

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